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i-Scholar Spotlight: Solomon Adelowo


Solomon Adelowo



University of Stirling, United Kingdom


Course of Study

MSc Sustainable Aquaculture



Commonwealth Shared Scholarship


Why did you choose your current University/Country?

I chose the University of Stirling because it is a leading International Center in Sustainable Seafood Production and its most extensive kind in the world. It is a well-recognized International Centre of excellence in Aquaculture Research and teaching.


i-Scholar Fellow, Adelowo Solomon, arrives for his MSc studies at the University of Stirling, UK


Also, its Institute of Aquaculture triumphed at the Aquaculture Awards as part of a collaborative project involving the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre.


Being taught by cross-disciplinary researchers who are at the forefront of aquaculture together with leading industry experts in unrivalled on-site facilities fascinated me.


How has the experience been so far?

Having to adapt to many new things seems daunting initially, but it has been an interesting one. For instance, the UK education system is somewhat different from the one I am used to, coupled with the need to study online. In all, the student support services have to be helpful in this regard.


i-Scholar Fellow, Adelowo Solomon


What have you found most interesting in your new city?

The city of Stirling is filled with a lot of historic landmarks. For example, the National Wallace Monument is 67m tall and situated where it is visible from almost all city parts. Seeing buildings dated as far back as the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries is also impressive.


What advice do you have for prospective students?

Rejection might come but see it as a motivation to do more; turn your pain into motivation and keep applying. It is also helpful to check your target program’s eligibility. Identifying the kind of person they want on the program will also help you tailor your application appropriately. Furthermore, invest in self-development, volunteer, take online courses, write articles, and interact with people on this same journey.


How did i-Scholar Initiative contribute to your journey?

i-Scholar Initiative gave me the right push needed to make my scholarship dream a reality. I was supported with GRE Funding and a Mentor who is actively interested in his mentee’s progress. Moreso, I also have access to passionate individuals of like minds. This has helped me build a network of scholars that have contributed significantly to knowledge and opportunity sharing.


I sincerely appreciate the i-Scholar Initiative for its contribution to my scholarship journey.


Courtesy: i-Scholar Initiative

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  1. Congratulations on your journey thus far
    , your words encourage me and Perhaps i would join you soon as i begin my pursuit for a postgraduate degree.
    Best wishes

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