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Our Partners

As an organization, we are constantly evolving, and we are constantly looking for partners, ambassadors, individual and corporate donors, and volunteers to join our mission to provide opportunities for young and aspiring African students, helping them fulfill their dreams of pursuing graduate studies in world-class universities.

And to all our current partners, as we continue to execute our strategic objectives, with the full support of all our dedicated stakeholders, we want you to reflect on the impact of your initial investments (both monetary and otherwise), the results have been very evident. The Return on Investment (ROI) validates the essence of our mission: to empower and mentor young African students in fulfilling their dreams to pursue graduate studies via access to fully funded scholarships in world-class universities.

With the intentionality of every key element of our operations and shared commitment, iSI is strategically positioned for continued growth and sustainability. We are on course to drive the scale of our impacts even further as we remain highly inspired by the uncommon passion of all our stakeholders. It has been super exciting to see how the organization has quickly and purposefully evolved. We are very humbled by the sacrifices and selflessness of our partners.

Therefore, you, our partners, are the real MVPs and destiny helpers for the young and self-driven scholars