Our Score Card

Established in 2019, registered as a nonprofit organization in the USA (501c (3)) and Nigeria, and completely run by volunteers, our continued commitment and strategic investments have yielded remarkable results for our scholars and the future development of our dear country Nigeria and the African continent in general

The leadership team continues to make strategic decisions based on the best interest of our scholars; leveraging our networks of partners and volunteers, iSI provides full funding that covers scholars’ standardized tests, and college admission application fees. As part of our scholar-centric strategy, we also provide a solution-driven and innovative end-to-end mentorship to our scholars: knowledge transfer empowers our scholars, arming them with practical skills and tools to succeed in a competitive world.

Between 2019 and 2022, through our dedicated stakeholders’ initial investments of about 124,000 USD in 185 scholarship awardees, our scholars have so far been able to access over 14 million USD in cumulative scholarships (as of August 2022).