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i-Scholar Spotlight: Mercy Ojetunde

First Name


Last Name


University Name/Country

The University of the West of Scotland, United Kingdom

Course of Study

Biotechnology (MSc)


Fully Funded Commonwealth Shared Scholarship

Mercy Ojetunde
i-Scholar fellow, Mercy Ojetunde arrives for her MS program at the University of West Scotland, United Kingdom

Why did you choose your current University/Country?

Studying Biotechnology at the University of the West of Scotland (exquisitely known for her combined first-class teaching with world-leading excellent research) will develop my insight and knowledge needed for a career in biotechnology. And of course, I was nominated for the fully-funded Commonwealth shared scholarship by my university. Furthermore, studying in the UK will develop the skills, knowledge, and critical thinking needed for my career advancement, and it will expose me to global best practices.

How has the experience been so far?

The experience so far has been mesmerizing. Resources are readily available without stress (Studying made easier because of the strong internet connection). My lecturers have been so helpful and supportive. The intense coursework, assignments and slides preparation for presentations have really been taking my time but I am balancing up. I am enjoying my studies here in the UK. The people I have met have been amazing in that, they are willing to help. I am enjoying the noiseless environment too.

What have you found most interesting about your new city?

The serene environment and stable power supply. The people I have met have been so eager to help. 


Mercy Ojetunde
i-Scholar fellow, Mercy Ojetunde

What advice do you have for prospective scholars?

I so much believe in pursuing dreams. With prayers and hard work, dreams come true. I advice prospective scholars to awaken their potential and pursue their dreams. Your dreams are valid!! Getting a full scholarship to study is not an impossible one; it is possible only if you can work relentlessly and pray. Prospective scholars should stay focused and remain open to opportunities. Invest so much in yourself and explore opportunities. Above all, commit your ways in the hands of God, trust Him and wait patiently. Trust the process!!!


How did i-Scholar initiative contribute to your journey?

At the stage of applying for iSI scholarship, my heart was already overwhelmed, and I was almost discouraged due to rejections from previous applications, but the iSI scholarship news brought my hopes alive and I saw it as a BIG WIN. I believed strongly in myself and submitted applications for the prestigious commonwealth shared scholarship. iSI Scholarship award has been recorded as my first scholarship award, and it is indeed an open door. iSI webinars and mentorship have greatly contributed to my graduate school journey. iSI has also enhanced my connection with people of great talents and visions. 

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