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i-Scholar Spotlight: Mubaraq AbdulWahab

Mubaraq Olanrewaju AbdulWahab

Ghent University, Belgium

Course of Study
Masters in Soils and Global Change

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship (EMJMD – IMSOGLO)

Why did you choose your current University/Country?
Coming from Nigeria where over 70% of the population work in the agriculture sector, I realized early on the potential of alleviating some challenges faced by the populace through research on soil sustainable use. Therefore, I put-in for EMJMD(IMSOGLO) to empower myself with knowledge and skills pertinent for problem-solving in my line.


Mubaraq resumes for his master’s studies at Ghent University, Belgium


How has the experience been so far?
Well, the experience has been amazing and I can say without a doubt that the educational system here is one of the best in the world especially for the fact that Ghent varsity is one of the best universities in the world. I am happy for the experience I am currently garnering here as being a student in one of the top 100 universities in the world has always been a dream. I am happy it is a reality now

What have you found most interesting in your new city?
The climate, system and the beautiful city of Ghent located in the heart of Europe!


This amazing feat became possible through the support from the i-Scholar Initiative

What advice do you have for prospective students?
To prospective scholars, there will be countless disappointments and bottlenecks on this voyage. My best advice is never to give up on the journey because to be candid it can be challenging! No matter the number of failures and rejections! It is just a yes that matters! Once you sacrifice and you are passionate about it, it will come! So remain persistent, consistent and insistent on what you want, for sure one day, you will get there.

How did i-Scholar Initiative contribute to your journey?
The i-scholar initiative’s support during the journey was phenomenal! The motivation and relentless support from the partners and mentors were amazing. I also enjoyed inspiration from the network of scholars in the program. There were times I almost gave up chasing after scholarships, but as my sponsors and colleagues would not give up checking to be sure we are on top of the process, I knew I was in for it and at this point giving up was not an option. It is life-changing to be part of this coterie.



i-Scholar Initiative

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