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i-Scholar Spotlight: Kunle Adeyemo

First Name



Last Name     



University Name/ Country

Warsaw University of Technology 


Course of Study

MSc in Power Engineering



Ignacy łukasiewicz (NAWA) Scholarship


Why did you choose your current University/Country?

Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) is a renowned institution whose antecedent of rich academic excellence is unmatched. It is an institution whose interdisciplinary programs possess a wide range of technical knowledge in science and engineering that instill necessary skills on how power production can be sustainable, renewable, and readily available. Similarly, WUT is ranked the best technical university in Poland. Hence, my choice.

Kunle Adeyemo
i-Scholar Fellow, Kunle Adeyemo arrives for his MS program at Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

How has the experience been so far?

Securing the scholarship alongside my sister depicts how interesting my experience would be. Every day, I am privileged to learn something new about the country’s culture, refine my skills, try out different local cuisines, and adapt to the climatic conditions. The experience has been interesting so far, starting from the period of learning the Polish language, having to adapt to the EU educational system, and the opportunity of exploring numerous historical and tourist sites. I would say my experience so far has been bardzo dobrze I fantastyczny (very good and fantastic).


What have you found most interesting about your new city?

Warsaw is a home for numerous foreigners, which specifically strengthened my cultural diversity. Phoenix city embodies many fascinating things like the Keret house (narrowest house in the world), the Warsaw features (one of the first open public libraries in the world), and the rich history of the city indestructibility.

Kunle Adeyemo
i-Scholar Fellow, Kunle Adeyemo

What advice do you have for Prospective Scholars?

Persistence is the most crucial thing towards winning scholarships, you might be receiving massive rejection now, but I bet you a single prestigious scholarship offer will wipe them off. Do you want to back out because of the rejection letters and sending of emails with no response? I got some rejections as well, while many got more. I felt depressed when my applications were rejected by five prestigious scholarships within a week, however, those memories faded off because of a single offer.

Dear prospective scholars, get the necessary documents, shoot your shot if you are eligible, and pray for grace.


How did i-Scholar Initiative contribute to your journey?

After receiving series of rejections, I was depressed and started doubting my capability of winning a scholarship. However, I regain my courage and confidence when I won the I-scholar scholarship. At that moment, I realized that my profile was competitive enough, but I needed good mentorship and excellent orientation. In I-scholar Initiative, I found the support, mentorship, words of encouragement, and commitment that flourished my instinct and assisted me in all ways towards winning a scholarship. With God’s grace, my congratulatory mail came at ease.  I-scholar is not just an initiative but a family that embodies outstanding qualities.


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