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i-Scholar Spotlight: Luqman Muraina


Luqman Muraina



University of Cape Town, South Africa


Course of Study




Mastercard Foundation Scholarship


Why did you choose your current University/Country?

The university is the third-best rated in development studies globally which is housed in the Department of Sociology. More so, the calibre of the faculty members coupled with facilities and infrastructures as the No. 1 Africa best university motivated my selection.


Luqman Muraina resumes at the University of Cape Town, South Africa


How has the experience been so far?

Awesome! There are many programs to attend, training, and skills. I can only request more only if I do a comparative analysis of other world-class universities.


What have you found most interesting in your new city?

It is nice. Cape Town for ages has been a central district or metropolis of white settlers. This characteristic is still highly present in the city, with a mix of Malays, Indians, Africans, etc.


Also, unlike in Nigeria, political awareness is high, in terms of gender politics, race, and ethnic politics, amongst others. More so, the tourist attraction the city offers is only one of a kind globally”


What advice do you have for prospective students?

Keep pushing! Pray, work hard, and pray.


Importantly, I would advise you to get SOMETHING doing during this struggle period.


Also, when it gets to a stage and the ‘love letter’ (rejection letter) keeps coming, I would advise you to restrategize. You may need to rewrite your motivation letter from a whole new perspective, get new reviewers, join new teams, or take new positions and responsibilities


Luqman Muraina poses for a photograph at the centre of the University of Cape Town campus, South Africa


How did i-Scholar Initiative contribute to your journey?

i-Scholar gave me a platform to join a global inclined community of scholars which in itself is quite a rare opportunity. I am also grateful to i-Scholar for sponsoring my GRE at a time when I faced huge financial challenges as well as the exposure to the exam and the i-Scholar team have brought me.



i-Scholar Initiative


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