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i-Scholar Spotlight: David Nworie


David Nworie.



University of Campinas, Sao Paulo/ Brazil.


Course of Study:

MSc in Petroleum Science and Engineering (Concentration in Geological modelling and Reservoir Characterization).



Research Fellowship from Research foundation in São Paulo (FAPESP).


i-Scholar Fellow, David Nworie, is also the recipient of the Research Fellowship from Research foundation in São Paulo (FAPESP).


Why did you choose your current University/Country?

University of Campinas (UNICAMP) is one of the best university in the Latin American region with tremendous strengths in Geologic and Reservoir studies. It is a very diverse university which allows me to meet people from various spheres of life and to learn a new language/culture. I choose UNICAMP because the study plan affords me great opportunity to improve my hands-on technical and research skills while studying with state of the art facilities. UNICAMP also affords me the unique opportunity of interacting with her large network of alumni and to broaden my geologic experience beyond pure siliciclastic systems.


How has the experience been so far?

The experience has been pretty challenging in a good way. Studies have been intense with several hands-on projects targeted at improving our ability to use and understand complex heterogeneous geologic and reservoir systems. The course is very digital allowing me to brush up my programming and coding skills. I have learned quite a lot in the space of a few weeks. It is also an exciting experience to interact with the locals, sharing cultural experiences of Nigeria and learning from their unique cultures too. I have had the opportunity to try out new cuisines. I must say this is an environment of continuous learning.


What have you found most interesting in your new city?

I am honestly amazed at the working system in an environmentally friendly city like Barao Geraldo in the State of Sao Paulo. It is one of the civilized cities with beautiful landscape, no traffic congestion due to well planned and networked roads, and beautiful vegetation at every turn. The locals are always willing to help and provide assistance, especially to foreigners. It almost seems like a national orientation to treat foreigners with care.


i-Scholar Initiative helps make the dream of young scholars like David Nworie to study abroad, come true.


What advice do you have for prospective students?

I would say don’t limit your options. Great learning opportunities are not limited to the UK and US. South America and others also offer unique study and growth opportunities. Apply to schools not only because of the location but the prospects it offers in term of network, facilities, quality of learning, exposure, opportunity to diversify, etc. Doing a wide scope of research for your options before settling would do a lot of good too. I wish you a fruitful application journey.


How did i-Scholar Initiative contribute to your journey?

Before my youth service, I had a goal-setting to plan my post-college years. I made up my mind to further my studies to improve my technical and research abilities which were necessary for my chosen career path. I was faced with huge capital limitations. i-Scholar Initiative helped to bridge this gap in several ways through the help of her benevolent partners whom I remain indebted to. They also provided mentorship and guidance during the entire process of application, travel preparations and settling in.



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