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Free Download: The i-Scholar Guide: Your Grad School Journey Compass

The i-Scholar Guide: Your Grad School Journey Compass: Winning Scholarships Made Easy

Millions of prospective graduate students around the world aspire to win fully-funded scholarships to enable them to pursue higher education in world-class institutions, but many of such students do not have the requisite knowledge of the process. These students go on to live with the pain of unfulfilled dreams, untapped potentials, and average careers. To reverse this ugly trend, the i-Scholar Initiative assembled a team of top scholars to co-author “The i-Scholar Guide: Your Grad School Journey Compass.”

“The i-Scholar Guide: Your Grad School Journey Compass” is a compass that helps prospective graduate school applicants navigate the essentials of graduate school admission processes. The secrets espoused in this guide have produced tens of scholars and millions of dollars in scholarship wins in top universities across different countries in the past three years.

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The i-Scholar Guide: Your Grad School Journey Compass – A Must-Have for All Students

Please, note that this guide is not meant to replace other important resources that you may already have, such as Official University admission, recruitment guides, and mentors. Rather, the guide is to complement those other resources and ensure you have all it takes to win.

Topics covered in this guide include: How to select the right schools, How to email prospective professors, Acing the GRE, Acing the TOEFL, How to write convincing statements of purpose, How to write great letters of recommendation, and lots more.

With this guide in your hands, you have all you need to win the scholarships of your dreams.

“The i-Scholar Guide: Your Grad School Journey Compass” is free, courtesy of the i-Scholar Initiative.

Click here to download the guide.

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