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i-Scholar Initiative (iSI) – Lesson In Resilience

iSI is completely being run by volunteers. People passionately and selflessly invest their time, intellect, money, experience and other relevant resources in keeping things going.

The number of applications received this year, no doubt, was overwhelming. The last few days before the deadline were particularly daunting. One of our volunteers had to pay out of his personal pocket to hire 2 ad hoc college students in helping with collation of the applications. Because it was such a manually driven process, we inadvertently missed a few applications (8).

The impacted applicants proactively reached out immediately after we published the list here. After validating their claims, we added them to the list and their applications were accordingly reviewed like others.

The lesson?

4 of the eight ended up making the cut.
Apparently these folks have the conviction and clarity of their mission and drive. They chose not to be complacent. They pushed the envelopes and they had a success.

Success doesn’t always come to us.

8 Responses

  1. Resilience and the can do spirit are vibes that should be inculcated.
    Well-done to the everyone at the ischolarinitiative.

    1. Dear Chimuanya,

      Thank you for your kind words.

      The i-Scholar Initiative is determined to continue to do more to change the narrative of young scholars from Nigeria and Africa.

  2. This is rare in the Nigerian system – platforms where a group of people collectively drive a selfless goal for the greater good of the Nation and the continent at large. Here was I, frustrated about my academic chances. Now, here am I, shown the key to the Gateway of Success, shown the pathway that leads to it. I completely attune myself to this vision and I hope with a high positive spirit that I would be handed over the key by virtue of merit and I would walk the pathway to do more exploits which would help open doors for the African race. It is going to be a Year 2022 of testimonies. Thanks. I am motivated!

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