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Define Your Drive – Graduate School

By: Mayokun Oke

I cannot wait to be called Dr. XXXX, after my Ph.D. Program. While this is one of the perks of Graduate School, it is not justification enough, and you definitely should not embark on a 4-7 years journey, just for the title that comes with it. What is your drive?

You need to clarify and define your WHY (Drive) before you begin grad studies- this will keep you focused on the goal, despite the ups and downs of this path. Your “why (drive)” is your mission statement and your conviction.

Answer the following questions to discover your “Why (Drive)” as you consider Graduate studies.

  • Is the degree necessary for your desired professional field?
  • Will it increase your prospects professionally? By how much?
  • Do you love research and the opportunity to pursue your interests in more depth, helping the world to find solutions to problems?
  • Finances are very vital- will this move increase your earning prospects?
  • Will you get a deserved academic recognition and an opportunity to work with the best minds?

Graduate School is a wonderful investment in your future, as you gain internationally recognizable qualifications, a clear WHY (Drive) positions you properly to harness this opportunity.

Find your Why (Drive), overcome every obstacle in your way to that desired degree…

We wish you success.

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