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Our Impacts so far

As Benjamin Franklin said, “An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Therefore, an investment in a person’s education will deliver the greatest return for our community and the world.

At i-Scholar Initiative, we have identified that many self-driven and determined young people give up on their dreams because they do not have the requisite resources, particularly funds and guidance.

In 2019, we started by sponsoring the standardized test fees of 20 scholars (amounting to over $7,000) and our investment at that time has yielded a great return. 15 of the 20 candidates sponsored in 2019, with their tenacity and goal-driven mindset coupled with the mentorship provided, applied to different universities worldwide and got fully funded opportunities worth about $2.0 million. The majority of our scholars have started their graduate programs at universities such as Imperial College, Cornell University, National University of Singapore, University of Stirling, University of Toledo and more. They are on track to build and contribute to an innovative and solution-driven society.

The fulfillment of these scholars’ dreams could have been delayed and limited by funds, and this is the very passion that drives the i-Scholar Initiative. We are on a mission to mentor and empower young African students in fulfilling their dreams to pursue graduate studies via access to fully-funded scholarships in world-class foreign universities by leveraging the networks of partnering members.

In 2020, we sponsored 50 scholars – paid for their standardized test fees (over $20,000 investment) and continue to provide the necessary mentorship support to obtain fully funded scholarships in top universities worldwide.

In 2021, we will include payment of a predetermined number of graduate school application fees in addition to the existing scholarship value to support our scholars as much as we can.

We look forward to broadening the opportunities for more potential scholars, so we also welcome more partners to join us in this noble journey to help fulfill our younger generation’s dreams and contribute to Africa’s overall development. To effectively do this, we would need your support. You can be a partner.

You can get involved!

To support a dream, email us at info@ischolarinitiative.org or visit www.ischolarinitiative.org/donate.

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