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Scholar Story

Popoola O. Deborah Scorecard – Series XIV

I studied Food Science and Technology in the University and graduated with a First Class. As the oldest in a family of three, I have always wanted to study abroad to kick-start my career, contribute immensely to food security and set a reasonable pace for my siblings. I have been in search of opportunities since my final year in the university and most of such juicy scholarships have always required standardized test.

As I couldn’t raise any test fee, I never bothered to check schools in the United States. I was limited to quite a small number of opportunities which were partial scholarship.

In 2019, I applied to schools in Europe and got a partial scholarship for one. I knew I couldn’t get my parents to help, since my younger ones are still in school. I kept hoping for better opportunities.

Later that year, I saw a post about i-Scholar Initiative opportunity on a WhatsApp scholarship group I belong to. Though almost late, I applied on the last day. I was glad I got the sponsorship and I started preparing for my Graduate Record Examination (GRE). At the same time, I started my school search with the help of the sponsors. I was worried about how to get funds for my English test. Follow up and advices from Dr. Femi and Mr. Victor never made me forget to push more to settle the English test and successfully write my GRE.

Although I don’t have my admission yet since application is still on-going for the schools I applied to. Nevertheless, I hope and pray for the best. Thanks to all our amiable sponsors and generous partners for their supports, concerns and advice. This is possible because of you with the help of God. And because of all your sacrifices, I just couldn’t give up even when I was yet to write an English test. To others reading this, every opportunity counts, make sure to use them to the fullest. No matter how slow the process might be, we keep moving and succeeding.