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Scholar Story

Oluwadara Olasupo – Scorecard Series IV

Dreams are genuinely achievable! However, there is a system and the right process to follow through.
It is true that we all need a family, a platform, a body, an opportunity, and a group of one or more resource persons who can help actualize our dreams. It doesn’t matter how far you think you are from your future goals; you only need to stay in the right tent per time.

My experience privileged as one of the beneficiaries and scholars of the maiden edition of the i-Scholar Initiative (ISI) has been remarkably worthwhile. In retrospect, having birthed the vision for self-development and developed the penchant for excellence, I was actively seeking a reputable graduate education.

However, it all seemed like a futile race as I was faced with limitations ranging from laying hold of opportunities to securing financial aid. At different points in time, I had figured out strategic moves which to my surprise all failed in the past. Nonetheless, I knew an unwavering self-drive sooner would make my dreams come true – at least that was a speck of lively hope. Yes, I’ve had dashed hopes in the past via rejections skillfully crafted in ‘love letters’ from universities and scholarship committees. It’s amazing how I became inured to all these disappointments.

As a First-Class Nigerian graduate of Chemistry, I had plans of furthering my studies abroad. But my greatest limitation was how to defray the huge costs of standardized tests. Little did I know the golden opportunity was approaching me. Almost at my lowest point in 2019 I got a WhatsApp update from a friend about ‘some GRE sponsors’. I was more than motivated to submit a deliberate application. The good news of my admittance into the Organiser and Partners Sponsorship Program came in few minutes past 12 am on Saturday, 7th September 2019. For the first time in a long while, my joy was inexpressible. I mean, when last did I have such wet, teary eyes!

The joy of every farmer is in a bountiful harvest. Currently, I have multiple fully funded PhD admissions on my desk and still counting more. ISI was just the home I needed to be. The enlightening knowledge imparted to me through dedicated mentorship, the unwavering support by sponsors, and the highly galvanizing passion of fellow scholars summed up to give me the motivation I needed all through the process. I will forever be grateful to our sponsors and partners who through diligence and selflessness provided the huge funds that sponsored me and fellow scholars in the initiative. You all are indeed solution-providers!

Dear prospective candidate, it would help if you remain intrepid in the face of challenges whatsoever and if you are motivated by the success you desire to achieve. Securing a place of admission to any US institution takes a very holistic approach, so please put your best foot forward at every step in the way. I am looking forward to hearing about your success story SOON. Go for it!