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Victor Ogunmola

Trained as a Geoscientist at the University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom; OAU, Ile-Ife and FUT-Akure,Nigeria, Victor has garnered over 15 years of consistent professional career experience in the Oil & Gas Upstream Industry. He is a Science and Technology enthusiast and expert. He skillfully leverages technology to drive efficiency and productivity in Geoscience operations.

Before his current role as a Geoscientist at ExxonMobil, he had worked for Statoil, Halliburton and GPNL across three continents -Africa, Europe and North America. Victor is naturally passionate about strategically creating opportunities for mentoring and developing the next generation of leaders.

Driven by the desire to build a heathy pipeline of talents and skills for the future of Nigeria’s growth, Victor partners with a team of other excited individuals to identify and purposefully invest in the career aspirations of the self-motivated and inventive minds among Nigerian teaming youths. Through i-Scholar Initiative (iSI), tens of thousands of US dollars is being invested in young Nigerians seeking foreign opportunities to advance their careers. He is convinced and confident that such a modest intervention is key to driving acquisition of the requisite skills required for the 21st growth and development of a nation that is in a dire need of transformation.

As a professional Geoscientist, Victor also actively supports the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) and Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE) in their key goal of building the next generation of Geoscientists. He meritoriously served, for several years, as a member of the AAPG’s Grant-In-Aid and Membership Career Service Committees. Victor currently serves as a member of the AAPG’s Education Awards and Visiting Geoscientists Teams. As a Visiting Geoscientist, Victor has visited, delivered lectures and shared practical experiences with 1000s of students and faculty members at over 40 Universities in the North America and African Regions in the last few years.

As the current University Students Chapter Coordinator for AAPG Africa Region, Victor has led a number of initiatives geared towards promoting networking, collaboration and integration between the University Community and the Industry in a way that enables research and knowledge sharing among professionals, students and faculty members.

Outside professional engagements, Victor enjoys outdoor activities-soccer, fishing, road trips, family time, and voluntary activities.

Victor is happily married to his best friend-Beatrice Funke and they are blessed with Daniel, Hannah and David.

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