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Goshen Miteu

Goshen Miteu

Goshen Miteu is currently undergoing his doctoral studies in biomedical science at the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, USA, on a fully funded scholarship. 

He has a master’s with distinction in biotechnology from the University of Nottingham and is a 2022–23 Commonwealth Scholar. Goshen did his undergraduate degree in biochemistry at Caleb University in Lagos, Nigeria, where he graduated in 2020 as the overall best student/valedictorian with a CGPA of 4.9. He also won the iSI award in 2021 during his National Youth Service and has gone forth to build capacity to advance the frontiers of biomedical science.

Goshen’s research is driven by the fact that unhealthy situations will not change if nothing is done about them. So he is passionate about impacting science and has always strived to translate knowledge learnt to address real-time problems. He is intentional about creating sustainable networks and connections and has volunteered with different organisations. All of which has culminated in scientific collaborations seen in his indexed publications and community development.

Goshen’s hobbies include playing the piano and drums. He also enjoys sharing tips on personal development, research, and scholarships on his LinkedIn page as a way of paying it forward.

Goshen currently serves as the iSI Manager, Innovation and Strategic Partnerships.’

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