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Fahidat Gbadamosi

Fahidat Gbadamosi is a first-generation student who graduated with a First-Class degree in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Currently, she is a graduate student studying Chemistry at the University of South Carolina, USA and her research focuses on supramolecular systems that assemble to give functional materials. She is a crusader of selfless service who has a great passion for volunteering particularly for initiatives interested in making meaningful impacts in the educational sector. 

Her journey in the i-Scholar Initiative began in 2019 when she was selected as an i-Scholar and received financial and mentorship support for her graduate school applications. Since then, she has continued to contribute to the growth and development of the i-Scholar Initiative in many aspects. She has worked with various teams within the initiative including operations, publicity and external relations, talent, development, and mentoring to name a few. Her undiluted passion for the growth and development of the organization earned her the role of operations manager of the i-Scholar Initiative in 2021.

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