i-Scholar Initiative (iSI) Scholarship Application FAQs

Who can apply?

Bachelor degree graduates with a minimum of second class upper division


How do I know if/when my application has been successfully submitted?

You will receive a confirmation email acknowledging the receipt of your application.


I have not completed NYSC, will I be considered?

Yes, you should upload your NYSC call-up letter.  


Do I need to make payments before I can apply?

No, there is no payment required. The i-Scholar Initiative(iSI) Scholarship application is FREE


Can I select more than one examination?

Yes, you can select your proposed program-related standardized test plus TOEFL


Who can write my references?

You will need two references.

Academic Reference: From your University Lecturer/Supervisor who has excellent knowledge of your academic ability

Character Reference: From your employer, work supervisor or mentor who can attest to your good character.


NB: The same person cannot write both references


How do I know if/when my references have been submitted?

You will receive an email when your referees submit the reference


Who should my references be addressed to?

Your references should be addressed to the i-Scholar Initiative Scholarship Committee


Do my reference letters need to be written on official letterhead?

No, your referees will need to paste/type into the online reference form


Can I change the references in my application?

Once you submit your application, references cannot be changed


When is the deadline for my references to be received?

Your reference should be submitted latest on the reference deadline day. That is, the reference submission deadline is February 12, 2021


Will there be an interview?

There might be as needed.


What is the value of the i-Scholar Initiative Scholarship Award?

Scholarship to cover your standardized test(s) and a predetermined number of admission application fees. Other benefits include an end to end mentoring and access to professional networking opportunities (can we add the link to the article on this?)


Do I need to complete my application in one sitting?

Yes, you need to complete your application in one sitting. The application progress is not saved until you click the submit button, please ensure that you have all your application materials before starting the application.


If my internet browser crashes, will my application be saved?

No, your application will not be saved. Please ensure you have good internet and all your application materials when filling the form


Is there a preferred internet browser to complete my application?

Yes. We recommend you use Chrome browser    


Does having an international passport increase my chance?

No, but it is required as a means of identification by the Examination bodies (e.g. ETS) to write your exams.


Can HND graduates apply?

Yes. HND with distinction


I previously applied for iSI scholarship, but my application was not successful. Can I reapply?

Yes, you can.


I do not have the NYSC Certificate or Call-Up Letter, what can I do?

Kindly upload an ATTESTATION LETTER stating your SCHOOL NAME and expected MOBILIZATION DATE

Note: an applicant must provide the NYSC Call-Up Letter on or before May 1, 2021