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Abdulwaris Ajagunjeun – Scorecard Series XXVII

May 2020, the dying desire was rekindled by making the iSI beneficiary list. Indeed, this was a great feat as it was tantamount to my wins so far.

My desire to study abroad started since my second year at the University of Ibadan when I was admitted as a transfer student to Kent State University – but because there was no one to guide me on what to do next, I left it out and faced what I had at hand to make a better grade which I eventually did.

Knowing what you want is important but working towards it is very essential as your progress in that path will make you feel relieved almost all the time you look at the set goal. During my finals, I started the application for graduate scholarship most especially ERASMUS but it all ended with those “after careful review of your application, we are sorry to inform that you have not been admitted to the program.” In short, 2020 began to seem like a waste of time and effort when all my applications came back with a regret letter. Here comes May 2020 when the tables turned and hope came alive. I told myself one midnight that for me to have won iSI scholarship (50 selected out of 400+ applicants), definitely my profile is good enough to win any scholarship.

In September and October, I wrote both exams (GRE and TOEFL) sponsored by iSI. I thought that is all but I was wrong! I got more than mentorship, in fact, I will say iSI is another family that found me at the right time during my journey in life.

With the support, first-hand information and mentorship from iSI (not only from the mentors but also fellow scholars), I applied to 12 graduate programs in total with sizable numbers of rejections and waitlists. It eventually came for me in June 2021, 13 hours apart, I received 2 fully-funded offers. Finally, the indigent boy achieved it.

To my God sent helper – iSI family, I will forever be grateful.

To the iSI partners, mentors and scholars, you are indeed a blessing. What will you call a gathering of people that motivate you to do more? Individuals that gives you hope, letting you know that it is coming for you too – the goodness you’ve been waiting for? Indeed, iSI is the best.

To this end, prospective scholarship seekers should believe in the process, define your goal and work towards it everyday. Giving up isn’t an option – rejection from either financial implication and/or graduate scholarship is part of the process. Finally, self-rejection is a disease that kills faster because it has no medication. thus, don’t allow such. Remember, it is the person that clicks the “submit” button that receives a “decision”

Thank you, Lord

Thank you, iSI

God bless iSI

Long live iSI

I am Abdulwaris AJAGUNJEUN by name and I attended the Premier University, University of Ibadan, Nigeria where I bagged a First Class (Hons) Bachelor of Science degree in Geology. I will be proceeding to Khalifa University of Science and Technology, Abu Dhabi, UAE for a fully-funded MSc program in Petroleum Geoscience.